Just Dont Call My Daddy

15:48 video

And I'll Do Anything You Want

19 year old Chi Chi is going to a very exclusive girls academy her dad worked very hard to get her in. Lately her grades have been slipping and her actions have caught the Deans attention. Chichi gets called into his office to resolve the matter and things get intense. The dean tells her he is going to have to call her father and recommend expulsion.
Chi Chi doesn't want to get her Daddy involved so she begs for another chance. The Dean stands firm on his position so Chi Chi decides to try another tactic, seduction. sits on the desk slightly hiking up her skirt and reiterates her pleas. The sight of her pussy in her lace panties distracts the Dean and his carnal desires take over.
Chi Chi offers to do anything to keep him from calling her Daddy and drops to her knees to demonstrate her willingness. She takes the Deans cock in her tiny mouth and sucks it til she drools all over the place. This gets them both so hot the Dean gets her up on the desk and fingers her pussy while sucking her perky tits. Chi Chi moans in pleasure and the principal lays her down on the desk.
He pulls her panties to the side and slides his cock into her wet pussy. Chi Chi arches her back and pulls him deep into her pussy then looks up and asks for reassurance that her Daddy will never know. The Dean fucks her hard making her cum a few times then bends her over the desk fucking her from behind. Chi Chi moans and bucks against his thrusts making herself cum again. The Dean lays her on her side and fucks her even harder until the both explode.
After they both cum the Dean inquires about her birth control as they don't want anything to go wrong with their arrangement. Chi Chi assured him that she'll do what she needs to to stay in school and keep her daddy from finding out. It looks like our schoolgirl may end up in the deans office regularly. (older men/younger women, XXX, Costumes, Blowjobs, Amateur)

Starring: Chi Chi Medina and JW

Added: 10/17/2012

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