Jeni Is Bound To Suck

10:20 video

18 yr old Jeni was at a party with some friends. Next thing she knows she's opening her eyes in a strange place. When she tries to move Jeni discovers she is handcuffed and shackled tight. She struggles and calls for help until a strange man comes in. He begins to grope her body despite her pleas then dangles a key in front of her face. Jeni begs to be set free and offers to do whatever he wants. The man pulls out his cock and shoves it in hr mouth. Jeni chokes and gags as he facefucks her. Jeni begs him to free one of her hands to get it over with and he uncuffs one hand. Soon poor Jeni takes a huge load of cum all over her face. The man tosses the key beyond her reach and leaves after promising to return for more later.

Category Handcuff And Shackle Fetish 

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